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Falšata-Galia Recordings









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An artist's work is planted and grows in the earth of continual experiences, from birth onward. Planted in my personal soil are three main roots from which the work springs: 1) traditional flamenco, 2) that spectrum of jazz that journalists call "free jazz" or " free improvisation", and 3) certain techniques of contemporary classical composition. My pieces each have a composed foundation and/or a traditional flamenco palo (form) but specific form, development, departure, interpretation are all spontaneously derived - i.e. improvised - during each performance.
I feel very strong musical and spiritual links between the most ancient traditional flamenco and the most modern free improvisation. It is in finding the intersections of these traditions, exploring the possibilities of where and how they meet and interact - while remaining honest and respectful to them both - that forms the basis of my work.

This music is also about exploring the nexus between the elegant and the primal, reaching for the ancestral cellular past in order to clarify the future, pulling from earth and sky life forward, FORM reflects nature, 
vital wave/rocks-trees-wind/turning earth, surrender to, honoring the silence, giving voice to Spirit not one's own.

S. Dill, 1999

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