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Falçata-Galia Recordings









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Links to artists who are considered friends and family to Falçata-Galia:

A Drastic Measure - Formerly a subtle plague, these fine lads can shred pretty much anyone as far as live shows go.
Boxer - Croatian drum and bass!
Glasshopper - More great noise from Croatia.
Howden, Matt - Perhaps one of the best raw violinists I've had the pleasure of witnessing live.
Kismet - Standout mates and amazing band from Macedonia.
Laibach - Far and away one of my favorite projects.
Leonardson, Eric - Chicago-based experimental musician.
Lumirova - Fuzz pop from Los Angeles.
Pemberton, Daniel - An excellent ambient musician who has a LONG and successful career ahead of him.
Roedelius, Hans-Joachim - The grandaddy of the music I love.
Schütze, Paul - A longtime hero, and one of the bolder voices of new electronic music.
Zhel - Pretty amazing stuff from Croatia.

Links to label whom Falçata-Galia feel a kinship toward:

Carnival Tunes - A label from Croatia, showcasing some amazing talent.
L.S.D. Organisation - A California label who specializes in new music from the black ambient genre.
Masked Superstar Recordings - Our sister label concentrating on garage rock.
Okka Disk - Wonderful Chicago-based jazz improv label.
Tariff Records - Another sister label concentrating on modern classical music.
Tone Casualties - Los Angeles electronic music gurus.
Transparency - The manufacturer of Falçata-Galia Recordings, and a wildly active label in its own right.

Links to music organizations we support (and feel you should as well...):

Electronic Music Foundation - For the advancement and promotion of electronic music worldwide.
Gaudeamus Foundation - Organization for modern classical music in the Netherlands.
Jazz Country - A guide to the best of improvisational music.
The Indie Contact Bible

Links to online radio stations:

Dublab - The best new-music radio station happening in Los Angeles.
KFJC - A cool station based in Los Altos Hills, California, where we plan on getting a lot of exposure (wink wink!).

Links to useful information:

The Band List - A collection of artists we find rather amazing.  A good source for exploring new talent online.
Der Unterwelt - Friends of the family, so to speak.  A nice reference site for dark music.
The Label List - A compendium of record labels.  Many hundreds from all over the world are listed, so go exploring for new sounds.
Rudy's Information Center - A meta-source for everything from music to films, politics, theology, art, etc.

Links to non-music-related entities:

The Alliance for American Innovation - A wonderful organization dedicated to the protection of American copyrights overseas, in order to protect them from bootleggers
The Andrei Sakharov Foundation
Pictish Arts Society - Thank jazz great Ken Hyder for this link!  Great stuff for Scotophiles (if that is even a word...).