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Falšata-Galia Recordings









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Featuring the best new talent from Eastern Europe, South America, The United States, and the world.  We concentrate on new music from these places, namely in the fields of electronic music, free jazz, experimental and avant-garde, progressive and ethnic music.

We are always seeking submissions, but be warned that we are backlogged for quite a few months, and sometimes it takes us time to respond back.  If you wish to send a demo, please send it on CD-R or high-quality cassette.  Also, before sending anything, PLEASE SEND US AN E-MAIL BEFORE DOING SO!  I've been getting a lot of unsolicited material, most of it of the pop and new age variety, and these don't fit into our ethic.  Bands, do yourselves a favor and check before sending, because I don't return material.  If you want it back, send a self-addressed stamped envelope which will cover return postage.

If you wish to link with us, by all means, send us your site for review.  If it is relevant to our site, we'll be quite pleased to link with you.  If not, we'll do our best to refer you to someone more appropriate.

And by the way, please feel free to sign our guest book below, to let us know what you think, and what suggestions you'd like to make.


I had the unfortunate opportunity to be up early and watch the carnage of the first flight destroy one of the towers, and then to see the second jumbo jet crash into the second tower live, plus hear the reports about the downing of planes on the Pentagon and outside of Pittsburgh.  All this after returning from Macedonia after witnessing bombing there.  Our prayers and condolences to the families of those lost in this nightmare.