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It is with a very heavy heart that I have to report the passing of one of Russia's greatest jazz musicians, Vladimir Rezitsky.  He passed away a couple of days ago in Russia.  He was originally from Arkhangelsk, and was considered to be one of the innovators of free jazz, as well as a fine saxophonist and composer.  May God give him a golden saxophone on his entrance to paradise.


So without further ado...

Subject: Falçata-Galia Press Release

Falçata-Galia Recordings New Releases
First Quarter 2001

Falçata-Galia Recordings, after a year of hibernation, is pleased to announce the release of several new works from our artists, including the following:


Andrzej Dudek-Dürer - Trans-Trip

Andrzej was for years part of the tape-trading fringe, where I first received a taste of his droning, ambient, almost new-ageish (though not syrupy) style. His activities in art, sculpture and music, and his strong spiritual tie to the German medieval artisan and icon Albrecht Dürer made interest in Andrzej''s work impossible for me to resist. Trans-Trip is a collection of droney, rhythmical pulses reminiscent of the finer points of early era Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre, although more imbued with an underground spirit that ties him with his contemporaries in Poland such as Atman and Magic Carpathians.

Jeffrey Kinart - Swimming In The Amniotic

An anti-musician, Kinart's love for Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies and interest in fetal stimulation gave rise to this stunningly moving piece of electronic bliss. Pulsating, odd, nearly beat less rhythms dominate this soundscape, recorded during the term of his wife's pregnancy, stimulating the fetus that would turn out to be his lovely daughter. Real "Music for Babies," as it were.

Ice Desert - s/t

From the ashes of the Russian black-ambient project SLOVISHA comes a seething, haunting release from the cold Slavic North, recalling the best ideas of the legendary Cold Meat Industry label. That being said, "Ice Desert" adds a sort of mood that would be fitting in an old Andrey Tarkovsky movie such as "Andrei Rublev," giving his music a strong, filmic character without having to rely on visual effect. A black masterpiece.

Frode Gjerstad - Last First

An unsung hero in the free jazz world, Falçata-Galia seeks to change that by giving this amazing saxophonist his due by releasing some of his master works. "Last First" is a trio recording which includes two fine young musicians from Norway's tiny but growing new jazz scene. This release, although giving checks to Ayler and Brotzmann, stands as a testimony to Frode's unique vision and his mastery at leading his own band. Many more releases to follow from him this year!


Frode Gjerstad and Nick Stephens - North Atlantic Drift

A duo release between the masterful reed work of Gjerstad and Stephens' violin. Textural, thoughtful compositions, very unique in their scope. Solid musicianship coming from Norway and the United Kingdom, and featuring gorgeous artwork.

Endiche Vis.Sat - The Best of...

An amazing project combining bits of folk, jazz, free noise, and old industrial music into an amalgamation that sets them apart from the pack. They've been quietly developing and honing their craft for some time, and Falçata-Galia have the pleasure to bring you their best work.

Mort de Pop - Grayscale

Hailing from Montevideo, Uruguay are Mort de Pop, a one-man project combining lo-fi recordings with acoustic instruments. A bit like Nurse With Wound collaborating with Jandek. A strange mix of styles, but one that works quite well.

No Fly Zone - No Fly Zone

Beat-laden monster, reminiscent of Front 242 and KMFDM without all the cheesy costumes. Crunchy, hard beats, rougher than most electronic body music of the past.

Old Monks' Saga - Trilogy of Cognition and Absolute Reason of Ancient Depth

Perhaps gray ambient would be a more fitting description of this release. Taking cues from Switzerland's The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath The Clouds, OMS combine dark textures with a medieval music sensibility, giving it a sheen of creepy progressive rock and apocalyptic folk, without becoming overbearing.


Iraida Yusupova - Faust (2CD Set)
Iraida Yusupova - The Birds

A new voice from that which is the wilderness of Russian classical music. Iraida was discovered on the BBC's "Mixing It" program on Radio 3, and was placed into contact with Falçata-Galia shortly thereafter. Her work is in the sound opera field, very expressive musically, and should appeal to those who enjoy Sofia Gubaidulina and Galina Ustvolskaya's compositions.

Roman Stolyar - Cantata to William Blake
Roman Stolyar - Miscellaneous

From Novosibirsk in the heart of Siberia comes a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer. "Cantata to William Blake" is a gorgeous homage to the legendary English Christian mystic and artist, and Stolyar uses Blake's poetry to wonderful effect in his tribute to the man. The second disc will be a sampler of works in jazz and progressive music. More info on this one to come.

Various - Electronica from Belarus

Belarus has always been a neglected territory when it comes to politics, and it is no different in the arts. That is not to say that the land where Shostakovich's ancestry really comes from is suffering a dearth of artistic talent, however! This compilation gives a glimpse of some of the talent emerging from Minsk, the capital city and cultural center of Belarus. Electronica and acid jazz have strong roots here, as does the budding IDM scene, and Falçata-Galia looks to be the first label in the west to document it.

Autism - s/t

One of the artists featured in the "Electronica from Belarus" compilation, Autism is a combination of breakbeats, locked grooves, and occasional hints of jazz. Their blending of genres will garner them quite a bit of attention in the coming months.

Foa-Hoka - Season of Humanity

Psychedelic avant-garde and post-industrial music are the fields in which this Ukrainian unit specialize in. They've had exposure in the west through WHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT... Records in Germany about a decade ago, but had decided to continue making music and touring in Poland and Ukraine until Falçata-Galia approached them for new material. A very hypnotic album.

Blemish - Vatacushi-Va

Slow, deep, harsh and sensual trip-hop from Ukraine. Dub influences and warm yet distorted female vocals dominate this release.

Pastlife: Mind-Machine : The Mourn of Angels

Bleak, beautiful music from Los Angeles resident Michael Ries, whose music would not sound out-of-place in a Jan Svankmayjer animation short. Creepy moments, some black ambient influences, but with a sort of fractured beauty to it.

Stefan Dill Trio - Run To Heaven

Very muscular power trio, featuring Stefan Dill's blasting guitar improvisation, sounding as if Peter Brotzmann and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin were fused into one entity. More information to come.

Eric Leonardson and Steve Barsotti - Rarebit

Instrumental builder Leonardson and Barsotti team up to make one of the most interesting avant-garde experimental albums in quite a while. Those who know the great works of Morphogenesis and AMM may find this release very agreeable. More information to come.

Giorgio Sollazzi - Evoked Potentials

Italian electroacoustic composer. This is a small taste of his oeuvre, well-composed pieces bearing solid structure, but also a sense of humor to his work. More information to come.

Vladimir Coostoff - s/t

Belarusian DJ and electronic artist. Slightly reminiscent of Autechre and other IDM giants, yet having a definite break beat underbelly to his cuts.

Andrew D'Angelo and Jaime Fenneley - Terpsichorea #2

I don't know quite what they call it, but they've got it! This duo from Boston mix reeds, double bass and electronics, making for a free and heady mix of jazz and avant-garde music. More information to come.

Farflung - When Science Fails

A huge catch for Falçata-Galia! Featuring Tommy Greñas of Pressurehed and Anubian Lights, as well as avant-garde percussionist and composer Brandon LaBelle. Brand new material specializing in deep Kraut-rock grooves, heavy bass lines, and very spatial sounds. A master work of the genre.

More to come later in the year, especially the vaunted Siberian Jazz series of records.


Rudy Carrera
Falçata-Galia Recordings   END


First, a note to all artists regarding artwork.  We CANNOT accept art in any other format outside of Photoshop due to the strains it has been causing us to get it converted and reformatted.  If this cannot be done, please let us know.

New signings about with us, and we'll be posting more information in the next couple of days regarding who we've picked up.


A new, cleaner look has been given to the website, in order for it to be read easier.  There is talk of adding Spanish and German sections to the site so that our readership can grow a bit more.  Perhaps somewhere down the line, we'll end up adding a Russian section as well.

Delays have continued to plague the company.  Three investors, slow partners, and finances have been the cause of these headaches, but in the end, since it is my label, I have to take full responsibility for the mishaps.  This is one of the unfortunate lessons one learns in this business.  No one is trustworthy but yourself.  That being said, the future looks a bit brighter, and perhaps starting now, we'll have a very consistent release schedule.  There certainly isn't a lack of talent out there, as evidenced by our large (and growing) catalogue.


These distances in news are a bit embarrassing, so I apologize for the slowness.   The year has not been the shiny success it should have been, due to investment problems and quagmires we ran into.  Not to fear, however, since ICE DESERT and ANDRZEJ DUDEK-DÜRER will be released shortly, investment money or not.  Also, be prepared for new artists, such as Uruguay's MORT DE POP and Russian composer IRAIDA YUSUPOVA, whose brilliant "Birth of Venus" will soon be commercially available for the first time, amongst other amazing works.  There is a possibility that Lithuanian collective ENDICHE VIS.SAT may join the fold as well.


Well, the party was an absolute success!  DARK ARTS performed amazingly, and were ably and wonderfully assisted by a new artist for us (and an old friend) ANNA HOMLER.   The turnout was good, many contacts were made, and the year is starting off wonderfully, so far.  More fallout to come, I'm sure.


Happy New Year to all our friends across the globe!  The launch date was pushed back one week, but all is going according to plan.  It will happen in San Francisco at a recording school, and all directions will be provided shortly.  Contact us for more information.


Time for everyone to prepare for our official launch as a label!  This prestigious event shall be held in San Francisco, California, on the 8th of January, 2000.   Location information shall be provided in a matter of days, and this event is open to anyone who wishes to come visit with either myself or my associates.  We are expecting a much stronger year than last, since funding is now solid.

Keep contact with us, and we'll be happy to provide more information if possible...